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I have had the privilege to work with Greg for almost 5 years. In the years that he has been working with us, we have managed to avoid litigation on several font issues, helping us retain much-needed finances in the process. His knowledge of the font management process and how it works has been extremely beneficial to me and my team. We couldn’t do what we do without him.

Jeffrey Bonacci, Global Creative Technologies, Ogilvy & Mather New York

Over the past couple of years I’ve been fortunate to have had Greg as a resource and teacher while my agency grew to understand and properly use fonts. He has a thorough understanding of typography (the art side), font licensing (the legal side), and font management solutions.

Greg regularly added clarity to the complex and sometimes muddy waters of font licensing. He commands a strong understanding of the confusing mess of legal jargon that font licensing often relies on. Greg’s decades of experience equip him with the ability to help you understand what licensing you need . . . often before you realize you need it.

Greg taught best practices for font management that are backed up by his experience as the Type Director for one of the largest global advertising agency networks. He vetted, negotiated, purchased and maintained font libraries for multiple agencies. And he seemed to do it effortlessly. I’m still impressed with how he can make a client feel as though they are one-of-one when they are one-of-many. He always responded quickly and with a concise answer. And just as important, he was always direct.

Greg has a passion and an eye for type that is becoming more and more rare. It’s not something that can’t be taught. It’s learned and earned over years and years of working with it. I would definitely rely on Greg for all things type and font related and highly recommend him.

Phil Donnelly, Director of Business Technologies, John St. Advertising, Toronto

Typography is one of the most powerful tools in visual storytelling. Be it establishing tone, evoking movement or emotion, or enhancing readability – the typeface chosen will directly and powerfully dictate success. The type world is also complex and full of considerations that having a professional like Greg can help you navigate with less risk and more reward. Greg is an expert in user agreements, legal risks and mitigation tactics, and helping organizations build sustainable font practices that reduce potential for litigation and improve operational efficiency. Friendly, consultative, and always solution-oriented, Greg is a pleasure to work with and allows his clients to focus on doing great work, safely.

Jenny Perona, Director of Operations, Geometry ShopperWorks, Minneapolis


Nobody understands the importance and power of typography better than Greg. He is a master of good type, shape and form. His attention to detail, appreciation of the art of typography are skills that are a rarity these days. I had the pleasure of working with Greg at Ogilvy for several years. His extensive knowledge of countless typefaces always amazed me and his suggestions and refinements continually made my work better.

Helen Pak, President of Grey Toronto and Chief Creative Officer, Grey Group Canada

Greg is a rare talent and a true master of Typography. He is a walking encyclopedia of fonts and his love for his craft makes him not only exceptional at his job, but a pleasure to work with. His enthusiasm spills over to others. I never had a job that his eye and his skill did not improve. If you get a chance to work with Greg, take it.

Nadine Prada, Artist/Freelance Art Director, Toronto

Greg knows more about typography than anyone I know of and he’s always willing to share that expertise in an engaging and passionate way. During conceptualization if I wanted to illicit a specific feeling, create a vibe or achieve classic typographic perfection, I went to Greg right away. He’s a walking encyclopedia. His easy-going nature and passion for his craft made him a pleasure to work with. I had complete trust in his advice and that the final product would be bang on as well. Greg is a skilled and dedicated resource that anyone should count themselves lucky to take advantage of.

Ian Taylor, Senior Art Director, Toronto