Joe Borges, RGD

Craftsmanship. More than just a “type guy”, Greg truly cares about quality and the lack of it in some circles of advertising today. The days of labouring over headlines seem to be gone for some… but not for all of us. If you truly care about legibility, proper kerning, punctuation, font selection, or even just using the correct your, you’re or yore… then Greg should be at the top of your list. I know he hates (as do I) the auto paragraph feature in InDesign, which makes us lazy in typesetting and still fails to deliver the quality we should aspire to achieve. Greg knows and remembers how typesetting used to be done, and he changed with technology to know how it’s done today. Furthermore, he is capable of maintaining a balance between quality and the realities of our business. Greg knows the rules of typography so well that he also knows how to effectively break them. Typography is not about checking a box in InDesign to hang punctuation or to auto kern and break paragraphs – it’s much, much more than that. So thanks Greg for teaching us some of these things through the years. We may all have different design styles but the rules of typography apply to all design. Typography still rules today – partly because guys like Greg make craftsmanship, care, professionalism, passion, experience, process, common sense and fun actually matter.