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Our list of services is intended to be an à la carte menu. While most of our services naturally combine to create a complete font management program, clients can also individually choose any of the services on an as-needed – pay only for what you use basis. Font license vetting and selection and font procurement are popular services.

Brand font audit

Font Shield will perform an audit of your brand fonts and how they are being used. We will report on the status of your licensing and make any suggestions.

Advertising Agency font audit

If you’re an Advertising Agency or Graphic Design firm, Font Shield will perform an audit of the fonts in your library as well as your overall font management process and make recommendations.

Font license vetting and selection

Need to license a new font?

After initial consultation with you to find out exactly how the font will be used, Font Shield will review the EULA (end user license agreement) of the prospective font. If the licensing of the font is deemed to be “generous” and “simple”, we’ll advise you to proceed with the purchase and tell you exactly which licensing models you require.

If the font is deemed to be “restrictive” (and often expensive in order to lift restrictions) we will secure a price based on your requirements. We will also source and recommend alternate fonts that will honor the same look, feel, and integrity of the prospective font and have licensing terms and conditions that are more generous and simple – as well as cost-effective.

Font procurement

Font purchasing is complex and there are hundreds of font foundries to purchase from. Font Shield can assist you in the procurement of your font licensing so you’ll get exactly what you need. We have worked with many of the font foundries and understand their licensing parameters.

Font policy development

Brands and agencies should have a solid font policy in place in order to mitigate inadvertent misuse of fonts. Font Shield can develop a policy to suit the needs of your organization.

Font management

Being organized is a key factor in font compliance. Font Shield can help you organize your font files and licensing documentation so it is readily available at a moment’s notice if required. We can also manage the organizational structure of your font server if you’re using one.

Font identification and selection

Font Shield can help you identify any font and find out where you can purchase the licensing. If your creative team needs font suggestions to emote a specific look and feel we can help with that too – we have years of typographic experience.

Custom font creation

With the plethora of fonts in our world, there are times when using an existing font just won’t do the job. Some brands want to define and project their very own unique personality, identity and character. Having a custom font designed can help accomplish this. Liaising with various font designers, Font Shield can help facilitate the creation and licensing of custom fonts for brands and advertising agencies.

Typographic consultation

Consult with Font Shield for anything related to fonts, typefaces and typography. We can advise creative departments and studios on the production of excellent typography.